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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why isn't Yahoo Mail Dead Yet?

I get this thought whenever someone gives me their email id and it has an “” in it.
            Seriously guys, why would anyone go for the constrictive, disgraceful Yahoo Mail when they have the choice of the flawless, user-friendly Gmail? If you’re one of those who use Yahoo Mail, here are some strong reasons to rethink your choice, and a way to efficiently switch to Gmail without compromising your existing inbox/contacts.

First, a confession>> I created my first email account at the age of 7 in Yahoo, and used it well into my high school, without knowing I had a choice. I think most people create their first accounts in Yahoo, because for many, the red, stylish “Yaaa-hooo” looks cooler than the beveled and old-fashioned Google logo. And the internet newbie is caught by the misconception that the Yahoo homepage, flooded with useless and superfluous information is superior to the simple, convenient Google homepage. But at one point he realizes the deceit and makes the right choice.

Listing out all technical reasons why Gmail tops Yahoo Mail is not practical. So here are a few obvious and compelling ones:
·        A big share of the Yahoo Mail inbox screen is taken up by annoying, rotating flash/image ads. In Gmail, you barely notice the text-based ads in the corner (which, by the way, relate to the content of your mail!).
·        Once we hit “sign in” and enter our credentials, Gmail takes us straight to the inbox in seconds. In Yahoo, however, you have to go to its homepage, hit “sign in”, login and return to the homepage again, click on “inbox”, reach the Mail page, and hit on “inbox” again, to finally see your mail.
·        Gmail takes very less time to load as compared to Yahoo Mail, and once loaded it never becomes sluggish.
·        In my experience, Gmail does much more efficient spam filtering.
·        By default, Gmail records your chats and makes them available through the main menu.
·        Gmail offers 7530 MB of free space as at the time of this writing (the counter increases incessantly!).
·        You can enable a feature called “Offline Mail” in Gmail, and access your emails offline, for example when on flight. In Labs, you can find more cool stuff.
·        It’s easy to figure out how to edit your account settings in Gmail. Get ready to read a few help articles if you want to do the same in Yahoo Mail.
·        You can access a host of free, rich, other services from Google with a single Gmail account.

Well if you were aware of these all along, but continued using your Yahoo account for other reasons like preserving your inbox and contacts list, difficulty in intimating your existing contacts about your shift etc, know it indeed is possible : visit this page. Hope you’re happy!

I normally try to end anything I write with “every coin has two sides…”, “even though that is the case…” etc. But honestly, I can’t find any sense in using Yahoo Mail given you have something like Gmail at the same price (free, of course). All I have to say is, make the right choice.


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