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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Lucid Dreaming/ Sleep Paralysis Nightmare

I had my first sleep paralysis episode a few days back and I was terrorized. Thankfully, I had heard about the phenomenon earlier, was convinced there was nothing supernatural going on, and all it took was a little googling afterwords to have more understanding of it. When I found it's association to Lucid dreaming, I grew more interested and went into more research. It is perhaps I delved more into the topic and I'm a fan of LD(Lucid Dreaming) movies like Inception that the occurrence of SP(Sleep Paralysis) didn't stop there. In fact today, I had 3 SPs and 3 LDs a night!

In the first dream, I'm at my school, inside the building, chatting with my friends(I'm leaving the specifics). I felt the need to step out of the building, when a group of students buzzed in through the door and I was blocked. At that moment, from somewhere came a huge spurt of confidence and I knew I could fly. I leaped slowly from the floor, flew past the students out of the door, into the assembly hall of the school. Everyone was watching me, while I tried to control my flight. As I ascended up to a level from the ground, I got suspicious- Everything was vivid and surreal, but it was impossible. I must be dreaming. As soon as I got aware, a large bed came out of nowhere and I opened my eyes. I was sleeping head down, was awake, but I was paralyzed. After a few seconds(during which all I could do was make a groaning noise), everything came back to normal and I dashed out of my bedroom. It was 2:00 in the morning, but I didn't want to sleep so I took a few books and tried to study. But after a few minutes I got sleepy again, so I kept the alarm on my phone and went back to sleep.

Later I woke up and went upstairs to my computer and was about to log in to Gmail, when my father yelled from his room to shut it down and get ready for class. I went downstairs, my legs collapsed at the sight of the bed, and I closed my eyes slightly. It was at that moment a very silly idea came into my mind "OK, I had a dream and an SP. What if I'm still in it? What if I'm still dreaming?"
I was back at my bed, paralyzed and terrified. Apparently I HAD NOT WOKEN UP for the second time- I dreamt I did. I had my second SP for the day which lasted for a few seconds, after which I again went out and tried to study something.

Would you believe that I got sleepy and dreamt for a third time, got lucid and then paralyzed? Well it happened(It includes a lot of personal content, so can't write it here).
I never slept again- I made myself tea and forced myself to study.

So in my experience, whenever I realized or even got suspicious I was in a dream, I ended up paralyzed in my bed. If I can't stop dreaming and SP, I definitely want to try lucid dreaming. I've heard SP is a launchpad to LDs, so I'm looking forward to it. Along with that note, I wish I remain sane throughout my life.


  1. :D .....nice one bro!!!

    Hope u get ur LD experience too soon enuf...!!

  2. wow...nice to read such posts..
    keep goin bro...!!:)

  3. @Vivek S Nair: Thnx! I'm very much looking forward to an LD..

    @shyam : glad you like it, thnx!