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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ubuntu? Nope- it's a Mac.

Though I'm against the evil, proprietary culture promoted by Apple, I've always wanted to work on a Mac since I new it existed and, since I saw a few screen-casts in it. I've been using Ubuntu for most of my tasks- from basic word-processing to browsing, hand-coding web pages(wish there was a WYSIWYG in Ubuntu!) and stuff like that.

And one day I began thinking- " Ubuntu is based on Linux. Way back, Linux Torvalds based  it on Unix.... Great. Wait, wasn't Mac based on Unix too?.. Would that explain similarity in rendering of the screen in both of them? Rendering of fonts?..."

The first reason I wanted a Mac was, of course to use the array of famed software available exclusively for Macs.
And the second, perhaps the more overpowering reason was the way it looked.

".. What if I could make my Ubuntu look like Mac?"

My hands rushed by instinct to Google and found the EXACT THING I WANTED. Within minutes after the download of required files, I had my Mac look-alike set up, up and running. The traffic light buttons of the window, the legendary OSx background, menu styles, icon sets...

If you don't have Ubuntu get it first. If you have an Ubuntu installation and/or fantasized about using a Mac, try it quick!