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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unending Blytonmania!

Below is an Article I wrote, published in YoungWorld, The Hindu, June 23, 2006.
Note: printing errors have been preserved for authenticity.
I am very sure that there is no child in the world who would have never wished to solve a mystery, or to get caught in an adventure! And there wouldn’t be a child who hasn't thought of forming secret societies, have top secret passwords, and make exciting plans, investigate, have an adventure, and at last, solve the case by handing over the rogues and burglars over to the police.

Oh, you too have dreamt about these things too? Then you surely must have read at least one of Enid Blyton's smashing mystery books. May be a awesome Secret Seven adventure, or it's likely to be a Famous Five mystery or Adventurous Four for sure. If none of these, it would be one of 'The Mystery' series, 'Noddy', or else, 'The Wishing Chair'.

How does Enid Blyton books force us to read and make us anxious and curious to know about the end? How do we feel that we are one of the 'Secret Seven' or 'Famous Five' when we read them? And how does our heartbeat increase and we become tense, if any of her characters are in trouble? Enid Blyton's magic is a mystery in itself!

While reading her mystery-stories and adventure-books, we never realise how sad and desperate her childhood was. Her beloved father who told her interesting stories on their long walks, told her good-by forever when she was just 15.

She was very lonely at home, and therefore, as she says in one of her pieces, "let her tongue go loose", and created outstanding poems and rhymes. Her first novel for children was probably "The Wishing Chair" and then came "The Secret Island".

Blyton was born in 1897 to Thomas Blyton and Theresa. She joined St. Christopher's high School for higher education. Enid Blyton's books became so popular and loved by children all over the world, that they were once banned, as children read nothing else! Many of her characters were true to life. There existed a true secret society, called 'The Secret Seven'.

I like her books very much and keep on reading them, mostly from a nearby library. I am a great fan of 'The Secret Seven', and I have almost finished the series.

All her fans felt sorry for her death, in November 1968, due to Alzheimer’s, at the age of 71.

I recommend children of all ages to read her books, and go on solving exciting mysterious around.


  1. i too gained my interest in reading becoz of ENID BLYTON s books n still pursue da same interest. I gifted da same to my child on her birthday. i still have a die hard interest in mystery solving or adventures books till date...

  2. @Anonymous : agreed that they are timeless, and age no bar for mysteries and adventures! :-)