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Friday, August 27, 2010

Reading books on the go

If you're like me, you spend countless hours every day waiting in a queue, staring at stuff outside from a bus, running in the treadmill and so on. While I agree these activities are useful in consequence, wouldn't it be nice if you could engage in some productive activity at the same time? I'm talking about reading some book, or rather hearing one. I'll tell you exactly how you can get an edge over your peers via listening to books while apparently engaged in some mundane business.

Requisites: All you need at your disposal is a mobile phone(which I presume you already have, click HERE if you don't). If it can read play music and read .txt files, you're all set(can't read .txt files? Click HERE).

  • First off, head to librivox. You can download recorded versions of your favorite book from the catalogue( If your favorite book is no longer under copyright, i.e, published before 1923). Download all its chapters. Most classics are available, so you got choice!
  • Your next stop is Project Gutenberg, where you can download .txt, html, pdf versions of the same book(Link to it can be found in your book's Librivox download page). For now, download the .txt file to your harddisk.
  • Transfer these files to your phone and you're done(it's desirable to transfer only few ongoing chapters, lest you'll consume space on your phone).
  • Plug in your headset and start listening. In case you find any part of it difficult or insist on reading a portion yourself, you can always check the .txt version!

Do not have a mobile phone?
It's ok if you can get hold of an mp3 player too, the only disadvantage being the inability to refer to the text. The idea is to pretend you're listening to music!

Can't read .txt files on your phone?
At least if there's java on your phone, you can download midlets/ midlet-creators that will allow you to open .txt files. Here are a few I think might help : ReadManiac, Bookshelf, Mobipocket.

Concluding remarks
There's nothing like reading a real book, so this is not a substitute for actual reading. This is in fact just another way to make productive use of your otherwise futile time. Enjoy!

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