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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photographing birds

Recently, I happened to buy a nikon l110. Playing with it, I casually took a few bird photos from the top of my house. And one day, I uploaded them on to my computer, resized and added a little bit of lighting , and I put them up in my facebook. I was amazed by the response I got- most of my friends thought I had stolen it from other sites, or simply copy-pasted from google images. Here is the album where I uploaded the birdy pics : .

I'm a guy truly interested in photography, and I've been longing for a camera for a really long time. Though it appears my father has bought me one, I'm not completely free to use it the way I want to and there are a lot of restrictions as to where to take it and so on. I really wish there was a good support system in my house, for I feel I could do really cool things if I was simply more free.

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